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Arvin, a valet depressive robot, is forcibly sent to Thalassea by his master, because The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, praises the merits of this thalassotherapy planet combining the best quantum accelerator of polyhedral quaternion nanoparticles and its deluxe SPA treatments with jacuzzi.  Which should be beneficial to Arvin and his paranoid pessimism of sentimental robot.

BUT on arrival Arvin's ship is attacked by a powerful laser and is found planted in front of an imposing computer statue, its capsule out of service.

So grab the Point Of View Gun and use your Improbability Dash to unleash Thalassea.


AouTeam_Improb-Ability.zip 274 MB


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For me this is a really pretty game, and I love use of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".  For me the game felt really unfinished, but there are potential for something super interesting.   

Thanks for your comment JK5000. It was a Game Jam project in 5 days...also we will add some features and tweaks and polish this month. Stay tuned. Thank you for support.